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Top 10 Most Expensive Apartments In Miami

by The Millionaire Post

Miami is among the top destinations for celebrities and real-estate magnates. The place has countless over-the-top beachside mansions and highly luxurious apartments. It is the perfect haven for wealthy people looking for comfort and extravagance. 

Most Expensive Apartments In Miami

There is no shortage of pricey apartments in Miami. It attracts a lot of wealthy customers looking for deluxe apartments that match their lavish lifestyle.

1. Capobella Sky Villas Penthouse 

The $17 million penthouse stretches to more than  9,000 square feet. It features a 300-foot long balcony, eleven bedrooms, and nine bathrooms. The linear balcony wraps the apartment and provides a mesmerizing 360-degree panoramic view of the ocean. 

Capobella Sky Villas Penthouse 

Living area of Capobella Sky Villas Penthouse

The penthouse has two beachside pools. A spa, complete access to a beach clubhouse, and a fitness center. It has all the luxury amenities you could wish for. 

2. One Thousand Museum Tower 

The tower is a perfect combination of iconic architecture and luxury. The most luxurious penthouse in Miami is located on the top floor of the tower. The gorgeous real estate is owned by the famous David Beckham. The total area of the $20 million apartments is 11,000 square foot and it consists of an infinity pool, private sunbathing area, juice bar, acai bar, five bedrooms, and a two-room treatment spa. 

Swiming pool of One Thousand Museum Tower 

Swimming pool of One Thousand Museum Tower

3. Fisher Island Drive Penthouse 

Fisher Island is known as the richest zip code in the United States. It always has something surprising to offer to the wealthiest customers. The $28.5 million drive penthouse is the definition of lavish. The 61,000 square foot penthouse is perfect for enjoying a beachside holiday.  

View from Fisher Island Drive Penthouse 

View from Fisher Island Drive Penthouse

It has five bedrooms with five and a half bathrooms, a home theater, a family room, and a library.  The penthouse also has a 3,000 square foot private outdoor space that offers magnificent views of the ocean. 

4. 321 Ocean Drive 

The 6,800 square feet apartment is full of comfort and luxury. The gorgeous apartment has five spacious and beautiful bedrooms, an outdoor and indoor kitchen, a fire pit, a rooftop deck with an infinity pool, and a 360-degree view of the brilliant emerald blue ocean. The $35 million apartments is decorated with Italian marble. 

Beautiful view from the terrace of 321 Ocean Drive 

Beautiful view from the terrace of 321 Ocean Drive

321 Ocean is a luxury condo building in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida.

5. 57 Ocean Penthouse 

The luxurious penthouse is designed by the esteemed architect Sofia Joelsson. The approximate area of the penthouse is 7,500 square feet. It consists of indoor space with an additional 7,000 plus square feet of outdoor terrace. There is a gourmet kitchen with five bedrooms, a sculptural wine cellar with a mindblowing view of the ocean.  The luxurious penthouse is worth $35.5 million. 

Living area of 57 Ocean Penthouse 

Living area of 57 Ocean Penthouse

6. 100 South Pointe Drive 

The $36.5 million 9,000 square feet penthouse is exquisite. It is on the 36th floor of the Continuum South Tower. There are six bedrooms, a movie theater, bar, two gourmet kitchens, a two-story master bedroom, and a huge dining area. The penthouse has a panoramic view of the turquoise ocean, guaranteeing a great and memorable experience. 

Heart throbbing Sea view from 100 South Pointe Drive 

Heart throbbing Sea view from 100 South Pointe Drive

7. Faena House 

The $37 million Faena House is a true gem of Miami beach. It has deluxe units and comes with opulent amenities. The penthouse has more than 4,000 square foot space and consists of a spacious living room, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a rooftop swimming pool, and a grand terrace. There is a private elevator for the guests to access the apartment. 

Beautiful sea view from Faena House 

Beautiful sea view from Faena House

8. Penthouse At Regalia

The three-story residential unit is perfect for a luxurious lifestyle. It has a grand living room with a floating staircase made of cantilevered stone. The Flannel chandelier with more than 224 floating glass pendants adds a luxurious touch to the place. There is a gigantic rooftop pool, a hydrotherapy Jacuzzi tub, sauna, and a big steam room. 

Water fall at Penthouse At Regalia

Water fall at Penthouse At Regalia

People can enjoy a magnificent view of the ocean from the rooftop glass windows. 

The $38 million penthouses also come with a contemporary wine cellar that can hold 1000 wine bottles. There is a rare pink diamond gift worth $5000 given with the property.

9. Continuum South Tower 

The penthouse is worth $39.9 million and has four levels and is considered the priciest real estate in Florida. It is 11,031 square feet. There are more than 6,000 square feet of exterior space making it grander than most of the mansions. Its terrace can host a party for about 250 guests. 

Living area with lethal view from Continuum South Tower 

Living area with lethal view from Continuum South Tower

There are six bedrooms in the penthouse, a private pool, entertainment areas, a screening room, and seven bathrooms. 

The additional amenities of the penthouse include access to the beachfront, ten parking spaces, a private beach cabana, tennis court, fitness center, private spa, and two lagoon pools. There is also a private restaurant in the penthouse. 

10. 87 Park Penthouse  

The penthouse is unique and perfect for people looking to have an over-the-top lifestyle. In the 12,410 square feet interior space, there are eight bathrooms, six bedrooms, a personal fitness center, Jacuzzi, twin infinity pools, and two private elevators. There is an outdoor theater on the property as well. The gorgeous interior is designed by Hermes.

Sitting area with an amazing view from 87 Park Penthouse  

Sitting area with an amazing view from 87 Park Penthouse

These are some of the most unique, luxurious, and expensive properties situated in Miami. 

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