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From Prisoner to Multimillionaire Lamborghini

by The Millionaire Post

There are a lot of iconic cars in the world. Many vehicles have stunned the world throughout history. Some vehicles have made their name because of their unique features like ultra-luxury, sophisticated style, and mind-blowing speed.

Lamborghini: Inspiration to Generations

Lamborghini is a dream car of many people and since its introduction has inspired a lot of people. In addition to being a unique car, the story of the person who manufactured is also extremely interesting. Ferruccio Lamborghini has created such a gorgeous car of his passion and inspiration. 

Life Story of Ferruccio Lamborghini

Lamborghini was born on 28 April 1961 to a family of grape farmers. His parents worked at a vineyard and Ferruccio also wanted to join the family business. But he was not passionate about farming. He always had an interest in machinery and wanted to explore agriculture’s mechanical side. 

From Prisoner to Multimillionaire Lamborghini

When he grew up he went to study at the Fratelli Taddia Technical Institute and graduated with an engineering degree. 

In 1940 he had to put his dreams on hold as he was drafted into the Italian Royal Force as World War II started. He joined as a mechanic in the Italian garrison and was stationed at Rhode Island. In 1945 after World War the island fell under British rule and Lamborghini was taken as a prisoner. He was unable to return home for a year. 

After returning home he found love but then tragedy struck again in 1947 his wife died while giving birth to his first child. Fortunately, his son survived and the boy was named Tonino. 

Business Prowess of Lamborghini

Lamborghini opened a garage in Pieve di Cento and modified an old Fiat car of his. He used his mechanical knowledge and skill to transform the old vehicle and created a powerful car which was a roaring 750 cc with two seats and an open roof.

Lamborghini was able to recognize the market that was rising in Italy after World War. He realized the potential of the agricultural market and industrial revitalization and decided to invest in manufacturing tractors and used engines of military vehicles and ARAR differentials. 

Petrol was highly expensive in Italy at that time and he overcame the running cost issue by modifying the engines of Morris vehicles using fuel atomizers. He earned a lot of success with his tractors and started a company named Lamborghini. 

He was able to use his mechanical expertise and become a successful tractor manufacturer in 1948. During the Italian economic revolution, he quickly rose to success after World War II. he expanded his business and opened an oil burner factory and named it 1959. Later the company also started manufacturing air conditioning equipment. 

Rise of Lamborghini

Lamborghini became a well-known name in Italy as he became an influential businessman. He also joined the racks of the wealthiest men in Italy. His success and wealth gave him the freedom to pursue his passion for expensive and luxurious cars.

In the early 1950s, he bought magnificent cars like Lancias, Alfa Romeos, and Mercedes Benz 300 SL. He added Jaguar E Type coupe and two Maserati 3500 GTS to his fleet. 

After trying out different cars he was not happy with the performance of sports cars. Every car had some defaults and he was not happy with them. He had a lot respected for Maserati owner  Adolfo Orsi as his life story was similar to Lamborghini. But he found the Maserati cars heavy and lacking speed. 

He came to know about another popular car called Ferrari. He went to Maranello in 1958 and bought Ferrari 250 GT. Coachbuilder Pininfarina designed the body of the two-seater coupe. After that, he bought several other Ferrari cars. After driving Ferrari, he found out that they had a weak clutch and replaced them with one he used in his tractors. The performance of the Ferrari improved a lot after he switched the clutch. Lamborghini shared his concerns about the clutch with Enzo Ferrari who dismissed them because of his pride.

Introduction of Lamborghini Cars

After driving so many fast cars he decided to build sports cars that did not have any flaws of the other sports cars. He wanted to create high-performance sports cars. 

After all, he was a smart businessman and integrated components of his tractors in the high-performance luxurious cars. 

Lamborghini established a company called Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini in May 1963 and hired Ferrari engineers Robert Wallace and Gianpaolo Dallara to develop and design the vehicles. After the hiring, the first car manufactured by the company was Lamborghini 350 GT. He made sure the car was free of all the glitches and flaws. 

Lamborghini Cars

At the Car Fare in Turin, the first Lamborghini was unveiled. It gradually became more and more popular. The sports brand rose to popularity in 1967. The same year Miura came to the market. He chose bull as the brand’s logo because he was passionate about bullfighting. The launch of Miura allowed Lamborghini to surpass all its competitors. 

1972 was a big year for Lamborghini and it received a huge order from South America. After that, he made production capacity better but these orders were canceled. He had to sell a part of the company to recover. 

Georges Henri Rossetti became part of the company in 1972 as well.  He sold some shares of the company to Rene Leimer. He had bought a vineyard years ago and went to live there and indulged in agricultural work although he still had all of his companies. 

In Conclusion

Lamborghini went through a lot of hardships. For instance, he escaped poverty, fought and survived World War II, and above all through hard work and passion became one of the top manufacturers in the world. His story is an inspiration for generations just like his cars. 

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