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5 Exclusive Vacation Islands You Won’t Believe Existed

by The Millionaire Post

While it is no longer news that the world is filled with exclusive private islands, there are some you may have never heard of.

These exclusive vacation islands reek of class, wealth, and beauty. And they are open to tourists who have the big bucks to pay for the trip, as well as their stay.

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at 5 exclusive vacation islands you wouldn’t believe exist.

Let’s go!

1. Miavana, Madagascar

If you’re in search of an exclusive resort vacation, look no further than the Miavana island in Madagascar.

Truth be told, not too many private islands are more exclusive than this.

It is located off the North-east, and it’s a mere 30 minutes away from the town of Diego Suarez by helicopter.

On the shores, you can find as many as 14 villas, which all have direct access to the beautiful beaches. It’s a perfect spot for those who are looking to have a quiet, but quality vacation, away from all the hustle and bustle associated with the major cities.

Combine a luxury experience with a touch of nature’s finest, and you have yourself a dream vacation!

It is very much off-track, and its location is very remote, so not too many people even know it exists. This serenity has allowed it to remain unspoiled by human activity, and it’s arguably one of the most beautiful places in Madagascar.

If you’re tired of staying in the villa, you can simply put on your bikinis or trunks, and surf the waves, or just lay in the crispy clear sand and allow the sun to give you a nice tan.

2. Laucala Island, Fiji

There’s not much we know Fiji for other than the iconic Mount Fiji and some nice hotels, but the Laucala island gives you something to look forward to if you ever pay them a visit.

It is set over 1,400 hectares, and it is located in the South Pacific. However, its total seclusion and beauty are among the things that make this island so special.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you called this island “Paradise”, thanks to its breath-taking views of the volcanic mountains, the pristine beaches, and the tropical rainforests.

The Laucala private island has 25 villas that resemble the native Fijian houses, and they are packed with nothing but glamour.

Each of the villas offer unmatched exclusivity and privacy, being that they are located in different sections around the Northern coast of the island.

The villas are built in the midst of beautiful coconut plantations, near the deserted beaches. They are also situated atop the volcanic mountains, so you can imagine how superb the overhead views of the coral reefs and jungles are.

You just have to see it to feel it.

3. Thanda Island, Tanzania

Off the coast of Tanzania, you will find the Thanda island, which totally redefines what a private island should be.

So, just how private and exclusive is private and exclusive?

Well, you and your entourage will be the only visitors on the island if you were to rent the main villa and two bungalows. There are 9 rooms in total, and that should be more than enough if you come visiting with your family or friends.

Imagine how hard booking a reservation would be!

While you’re there, you can partake in a wide variety of outdoor activities. These include yoga sessions, water sports, excursions, world-class spa treatments, and the very best of local and international cuisine.

Here, your admiration for serene natural settings will be tripled, thanks to the many natural pleasures you will experience during your stay. These include the surroundings of the 8-hectare island, and all sorts of ocean-fresh seafood.

There’s even a 1,100-meter private beach that’s exclusive to you and your people, where you can take an evening stroll all by yourself. Now that’s privacy!

4. Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Located in the Caribbean, the Petit St. Vincent is among the oldest private islands on Earth. It has a rich 50-year history, and it offers the ultimate vacation experience to its visitors.

Here you will find some breath-taking villas, and be treated to 5-star service from the staff on-site. Those who have had the pleasure of staying here have testified to world-class treatment, great food, and beautiful views.

You have the option of renting individual villas, or show your financial prowess by renting the entire island for you and as many as 56 guests.

I’m sure your friends would appreciate the gesture!

One of the first things you will notice when you arrive is the crystal-blue waters, which look like something from a fairy-tale movie. You will also notice the lush-green forests where you can explore anytime you wish.

If you like the smell of fresh greenery, then you wouldn’t mind taking a walk through the bushes. You will definitely feel refreshed.

Similar to the other private islands in this video, this one is neatly tucked away in an unspoiled location, where you will hardly find any human activity.

Here, the sands are sugar-white, and the waters are as clean as you can ever imagine.

If you and your family are looking for exclusive, and unparalleled privacy, then this is the place to be.

5. Guana Island Resort, British Virgin Islands

Last but definitely not least, we have the Guana Island resort, located in the exquisite British Virgin Islands.

If you want to be left alone with your family and friends, then you can rent the entire resort, which can accommodate as many as 42 guests.

Truth be told, not everyone is interested in meeting new people on their travels, so you wouldn’t blame a person for paying extra bucks to secure ultimate privacy.

You could stay here for as long as a year without experiencing island fever. Thanks to all the fun activities lined up for you and your guests.

What do you think about 12 miles of hiking trails, boat charters, and sunset cruises? Cool right?

That’s not all, you also get treated to world-class spa sessions which will make you feel brand new. You can also go snorkelling and diving if you’re not afraid of getting soaked. But why would you be, when the waters are so refreshing?

From the villas, you can get great views of the Caribbean Sea and the rugged mountains. You will also enjoy a private terrace, where you can chill out and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.

Let’s not forget the food. The chefs here can whip-up the very best of local and continental dishes that will keep your taste buds tingling.


There you have it guys, 5 exclusive vacation islands you won’t believe exist.

So, which of these islands is your favorite? The Laucala island, the Thanda island, or all of them?

Let us have your thoughts and comments about these beautiful private and exclusive islands via the comment section. We’d be glad to hear from you.

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